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“The Daniel Boone of the cul-de-sac” A Businessweek story on a woman in Florida fighting to live off-the-grid in a subdivision.

“Glass, Darkly.” For Medium, on Google Glass, early adopters, and the fear that underpins the marketing of new technology.

“Is Thomas Matlack Bad for Good Men?” A profile of Thomas Matlack, the founder of the Good Men Project, for Buzzfeed longform.

“Their Eyes were Watching Twitter.” A profile of feminist Twitter-activist Mikki Kendall, for VICE.

“The Meanest Genius in Portland, Maine.” A profile of the jazz musician Allen Lowe, for Tablet.

“Uncle Gene at the Brigade Open,” a story about boxing, West Point, and being Jewish in the military, in The Classical. May 23, 2012.

“Lost in Jerusalem: A Wanderer’s Tour of the Holy City,” on traveling to Israel, angry taxicab drivers, touts on the Mount of Olives, not finding good restaurants, and the virtues of making no plans. The AtlanticMay 23, 2011.

“Mistaken Identity,” in Tablet, October 8, 2010. On my mother, hidden Judaism, and how to tell people about a book deal without telling them what the book is about.

“Shalom on the Range: In Search of the American Crypto-Jew,” Harper’s Magazine, December 2010. Lost Tribes, Inquisition Theories, tortillas as matzo, and the story that launched my book.

“String Theory: Building a 4,000-acre house in Manhattan,” Harper’s Magazine , December 2006. (Download the pdf). Eruvin, imaginary households, a 99-year lease on Manhattan, Talmudic concepts of community, secular vs. Orthodox lawsuits.

“I’ve Got a Secret: Unitarianism is a a pre-teen Crypto-Jew’s best friend,” Jewcy, May 29, 2007. (“I’ve Got a Secret | One of my earliest efforts to describe life as a fake Christian in Mississippi.

“Cambodian Surf Rock: How two wandering Jews revived Southeast Asian psychedelia,” Jewcy, January 12, 2007. A profile/essay on one of my favorite bands, Dengue Fever. (Cambodian Surf Rock |

Other essays and columns

“The City of Right Angles,” an essay in The Morning News on bicycle accidents, subways rides, and the faded wildness of New York City. June 28, 2012.

“The Same Old Ball Game,” a essay on Pee Wee Baseball and divorce, on the website of the New York Times. August 31, 2011.

“Drinking off the Job,” another Times essay, this one on alcohol and losing track of work friends, from March 2, 2011.

“Out of Work, Out of Time,” on the imponderable business of unemployment. For the Times, February 23, 2011.

“Love and Other Insurance Policies,” on healthcare, marital autonomy, and how not to propose. New York Times, February 16, 2011.

“A Beginner’s Guide To Unemployment,” on being “severed” from Harper’s Magazine (aka, the opportunity to finish my book!), and the oddity of wealthy magazine publishers. New York Times, February 9, 2011.

“The Huckster,” a review essay on attorney Alan Ellis and his Federal Prison Guidebook, published by Guernica in April 2010.

“Descent into the American Dream,” a reported essay on the failures of illegal migration. Guernica, July 2010.

Weekly Review,” December 21, 2004-June 22, 2010. Harper’s Magazine. My periodic offerings to the Harper’s roundup of weirdness, misstatements, lies, obfuscations, and nutty science that stands for today’s mainstream journalism.


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